Michael Shivers

Singer Songwriter


Glasshouse Singer Songwriter

About Us

In the early days of my childhood I found a lifelong friend in music, but it wasn’t until my adolescence that I also found solace in it. In following this new found passion, Michael Shivers was born. It was never meant to be a name, or a person. It was the inevitable result of a series of incidents. At 15, I wrote “Always The Same”; the first of more than forty additional songs that would soundtrack my most poignant teenage years. On my journey into adulthood, music has remained my most profound form of expression. My songs are meant to inspire my friends, family, and fan-base to reflect upon love, loss, and the beauty in our imperfections. My writing serves not only as a therapeutic method of healing myself, but also as stimulation for my listeners to get lost and found in the effect of my lyrics. Performing at an array of expo, festival and cafe venues across the country, I have managed to garner some acclaim for my lyrical and musical styles. The intimacy, warmth and naked truth that is revealed through my songs stems from the lifelong trials, tribulations and triumphs that have shaped my character and human nature.

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